Launching BeYOUtiful The Blog


Let’s start as we mean to go on. No nonsense, no judgement and no offence taken. This is just a safe place for me to get all the ideas, thoughts and feelings I have swimming around in my brain, out!

Right, now that is out of the way I can introduce myself. Hi, I’m Jade, a self-confessed ‘older person’ trapped in a 21 year olds’ body. I love cups of tea, reading, sausage dogs (I don’t own one yet but by golly I will!), my family (that includes my best friend Marygrace, she’s like my big sister… you’ll hear a lot about her throughout my blog!) , my pretty awesome boyfriend Tim, you’ll get to know him too, and last but not least I love writing!

Living and growing up in the South of England has made me appreciate as I have gotten older how beautiful this country can be, in particular it’s scenery and greenery (did I mention I love poetry and rhyming too?) I have always been close to my family which has proven to be both rewarding and challenging at times, due to frequently dispensed advice and an influx of opinions. But all in all, through they’re flaws, faults and frustrations, I don’t know where I’d be without each and every one of them, in their own ways. Their unique contributions to my life growing up have shaped the person I am today.

I decided to start BeYOUtiful The Blog because I needed an outlet. It may never get read by anyone other than myself (and the family I force into viewing it!) but if that’s the case, I’m okay with that. If you’ve found yourself here because you too, like me are in a post-teen limbo over your own identity, body image and what the world thinks of you, this blog may lend a helping hand or at the very least show you that you are not alone.

So I guess thanks are in order. Thank you for reading my incredibly humble and honest blog about life as a 20 something year old who is just finding her feet in this crazy world!

With love,

Jade Xx



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