A problem shared is a problem halved…

As I sit drinking a cup of tea (you know what I’m like!), listening to the La La Land soundtrack, at home in a big cosy jumper avoiding the cold, I am completely content. But that’s because I’m not doing anything where anyone can see me. This is by far the blog I am most dreading writing but I figured a problem shared, is a problem halved. Once the world knows my body insecurities… what have I got to be insecure about??

Society says we have to look a certain way and if you don’t then you’re not considered beautiful. Screw that, let’s break the cycle!

So here goes…. eeeek… I’m nervous!

From head to toe, there are flaws, imperfections and areas for improvement. Firstly I’m pretty sure one of my eyes are lower than the other? Or so my driving license shows! My teeth are a massive problem for me because I am naturally a smiley person and LOVE smiling but my teeth are nowhere near perfect. When I was 6 the dentist noticed my mouth was getting overcrowded with so told me if they didn’t sort themselves out in 2 years he would remove some. 2 years went by and no improvement, so as promised he yanked them out, also promising eventually they would straighten out… which shocker, they didn’t! They’re not awful, believe me they could be much worse but oh well. My Grandma told me (after a discussion where by when I told her I wanted to have my teeth done one day) she told me not to because she thought teeth showed character and unique-ness. So I have decided to learn to love them!

I have fairly broad shoulders for my petite frame from all the swimming I used to do. Although there are abs under there somewhere from all my years of gymnastics, my stomach is far from flat. I actually took to naming my little ‘pooch’ bit where woman tend to put on their weight, ‘Betty the belly’. Instead of letting it upset me I made it into something funny, come to think of it she’s gone away for a while but I’m sure she’ll be back soon… I love my milk chocolate digestives too much! Oh and I have rolls when I sit down… take that Victoria’s Secret models!

I have very narrow hips so instead of the usual womanly figure of a pear or hour-glass shape, I go straight down from under the arms to my knees. One thing which I hate! I would actually love to be a little bit more hippy, the bones I mean not like “Peace man” or all Bohemian!

MY KNEES.. argh! They turn in!! I’m sure they haven’t been like this forever, I don’t remember them being like this as a child? It drives me INSANE. So paired with the narrow hips and dodgy looking knees, my average-sized thighs touch and give the illusion that they are larger than they really are. This is, (you ask my boyfriend Tim & best friend Mary!) my worst body hang up. I have squatted, lunged and leg pressed for years trying to rectify them, and have come to the conclusion that they are stubborn and are staying this way! and you know what? I really couldn’t care less anymore, I’ve learnt to dress for my body, not wearing short dresses that will show them off or emphasise them.

I have those lovely things they call stretch marks. I have them in several places but I saw an article about stretch marks being beautiful yesterday and it totally hit home about that being true. Here is the article that tells you why.

And that’s it. BUT, a big BUT… there are things I love!

I love:

  • My hair. I am blessed with thick, long, strong hair.
  • My eyelashes that everyone is envious of
  • My tiny waist
  • (dare I say it!) My derriere
  • My eyes, big, round and hazel
  • A proportionate pair of bosoms (haha I have never referred to them as that before!)

So, as you can see there is more that I dislike than love but that’s the point of my whole journey of self-love discovery. I feel like through sharing my body hang ups there is nothing left to hide, so when I step out on the deck of the cruise I am going on in the summer I will feel amazing knowing that I have shared this with the world. Something I do a few times a week is look at myself in the mirror before getting dressed and point out all the things I love about my body, and it really works. Try it for yourself and you’ll start to love all the bits that jiggle, wobble and roll!

Like Iskra Lawrence says #everyBODYisbeautiful.

A song by Baz Luhrmann called ‘Wear Sunscreen‘ that I listen to when I’m having a down day says the line:

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can
Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it
It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own”. I LOVE THIS! 

Thank you for reading. If you’re feeling brave leave me a comment and tell me your body hang ups, trust me a problem shared is a problem halved!

Jade Xx


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