Do it for YOU!


I was tempted into writing it by my subconscious as I thought about all the women who would be buying new lingerie sets (probably red!) for their husbands, boyfriends, partners ect… last week.  And I thought no girls, we don’t have to wait for an occasion such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries to wear the nice stuff; Everyday is special. Make the effort to match up your undies (and socks!!), wear that new lipstick, those new heels you’ve been ‘saving’ for a girls night out. And do you know what…? Wear them for YOU. Not him. I know, I know they like to see you in something a little bit ‘saucy’, but trust me dressing for you is equally important for your satisfaction than it is for his. It makes us feel empowered, strong, sexy. Who doesn’t want a king sized dollop of that every day?? I know I do!!

Everyday is special. 

The best trick in the book is to wear that new underwear set (you know which one I mean) and then when you leave the house keep thinking about it and watch as a huge smile plasters its self on your face. You won’t be able to stop yourself grinning because no one else can see it, unless they have x-ray vision which is highly unlikely – my point is that you know exactly how fabulous you really look and why you’re smiling, but no one else does. It gives you such a great buzz!

This theme of ’empowerment’ is something I want to keep a key focus throughout my blog. I recently went to see Hidden Figures at the cinema. If you haven’t heard about it, it features 3 brilliant black actresses playing the parts of 3 woman who worked at NASA during the 1960’s. A budding Computer, an aspiring Engineer and a women who was regarded as one of the most brilliant minds at NASA. These women were discriminated against because they were not only black, but also because of their gender. Until seeing it I had no real idea of how badly black people were treated back then, and as shocked at what I saw. Not only this, but these woman were unbelievably intelligent and charismatic, and weren’t even given the time of day for jobs which they were above and beyond qualified for. The theme of equally, empowerment, women’s rights and discrimination are hugely prominent throughout, but as a woman I left the cinema feeling elated, like even I could work as Computer at NASA!

I may not have the most intelligent mind, but what I do have I will use to continue to chase my dreams to become a strong, independent businesswoman and hopefully own my own business as a Wedding Stylist. I will not let anyone tell me that I cant, or try to knock me down and I will do it for myself, after all who else are we really trying to impress but ourselves?


With love,

Jade Xx


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