This Self-love, love.

something I try to practice everyday: I was stuck on what to post about this week, but then I found a quote I’d written down in my phone at the beginning of the month and I thought YES! That’s it!

 “Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself”.

Today’s post is a short one (unusual for me I know!).

It was just a reminder to spend time with people that are going to lift you up, not bring you down. I have found out the hard way in life whereby I have spent far too much of my time with people who just want to drag you down, who when they’re having a bad day – even if you’ve had a fantastic one – they can’t stand for you to be happier than them. So they drag you down, so that you’re in just as bad a mood as they are in. Let me tell you over time this really grates on a person. They also love to point out the bits that you already know you dislike about your body or yourself. But don’t them get to you, stay strong and like me, remember the journey you’re on with yourself to being someone who looks in the mirror everyday and loves who they are. Your faults, flaws and jiggly bits. Turned in knees, narrow hips and far from perfect teeth.

After all, we only get one body in this lifetime, be lucky that you’ve been fortunate enough to have been granted one as beautiful, strong and perfectly imperfect. It will travel with you your whole life through, through your highs and lows, good days, bad days and the best days of your life.

So remember, Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself

With love,

Jade Xx



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