Real life story: The ‘dreaded’ gym

I am starting something new whereby every few blogs I will post a Real Life Story. These will be embarrassing, funny, sad, etc… just to show you how real my life is, that I am a real human being, going through some pretty awesome life changes!

There’s me thinking I hadn’t blogged for maybe a week or two… It’s been almost a month! Do you know what is crazy though is that I was starting to feel low again, and had no idea why. My blog actually helps me, it’s like a big comforting blanket or a cup of hot tea, a safety net. A safe place to get out my thoughts feelings and insecurities.

I was trying to work out how long I’ve been on this journey now, it’s been 4 months since I decided to stop giving such a damn about what others thought of me, how much make-up I wore and what I was wearing that day. I must admit I did slip the other day in the gym, I did half an hour of cardio as I was really in the mood and actually enjoyed getting hideously sweaty and puffed out. I got off the bike and went to walk over to the matts to do some sit ups and stuff and when I turned around and froze. The gym was so so packed and I panicked. I could see all the girls wearing barely anything, you know the ones that are barely wearing any clothing or make up and THEY don’t seem to be giving a damn about who stares at them. Then there’s the guys, you know the abnormally big ones that grunt and check themselves out constantly? So where was I? Oh yes, so I started to panic and thought ‘There is no way I can walk through the whole gym, in front of all these people, past the beauty queens and grunters to get to the mats and fit balls’… The old me would’ve just left the gym and let them win. Then I remembered that I swore to myself I wouldn’t care anymore, because 95% of the time these strangers are so obsessed with themselves they’re not actually looking at you at all, ironically they’re looking at themselves! I’ve become OBSESSED with Country music lately (blame my best friend & my Dad for that!) So I turned it up louder in my headphones and walked on over there and picked up the medicine ball and went back to the mats. Funnily enough I had one of the best gym sessions I’ve had in a long time, so the moral of the story is:

‘Don’t forget where you’re going, or how far you’ve come’.


With love,

Jade Xx


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