Real Life Story: Last week I almost lost my focus…

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love H&M clothes. Well let me tell you, I AM FURIOUS!! My entire opinion of that shop has dramatically changed. Do you want to know why?? Because I went in looking for a pair of cream slacks (smart/tailored trousers for those not in the know). Now about 3 years ago or so I was a size 6 in their trousers and a 10 in their jeans… Now you tell me how on earth that makes sense?! Anyway, so now I know that in mostly all shops I am a 10 in ‘bottoms’, so that’s jeans, skirts, trousers etc… So. I go into H&M pick up 2 different styles of slacks, both in a 10 because I know the days of being a size 6 are long gone. And you know what I am totally cool with my new curves, women change once they hit 21 so although it came as a shock 6 months ago (trust me there was tears any everything!) I am now 6 months into my ‘self-love’ journey and loving every second of discovery and accepting myself. So back on track… The size 10 slacks WOULDN’T EVEN GO OVER MY KNEES!! (I’m typing in capitals because I’m so annoyed!) It was at this point that I welled up, there was no way I needed a size 12… Then I thought hell no, I am not going to let £20 worth of material determine how I feel about my body because then I’m letting them win. (by ‘them’ I mean society and the fashion designers that think allowing a girl to starve herself to fit into a size 4 or lower pair of trousers just for the sake of bloody fashion, is acceptable). I’m sorry but when did this become ok?

So I looked at myself square in the face in the mirror and (quietly so I didn’t sound like a crazy person) said outloud “No, do not let this get to you. Do not conform to society’s ideals of a woman’s body”. I picked up the trousers and without looking back threw them over the rail and walk out of the shop. Thanks H&M for ruining my long love affair for your clothes. Oh and whilst I’m on a roll, they also do not seem to stock underwear or swimwear for anyone with slightly larger ‘assets’… Stupid shop!

So here’s to the Marylyn Monroe, Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham’s of the world who choose voluptuous feminine curves over being a bag of bones with muscle. You curvy gals rock!! WE HEART YOU and all you stand for!

To quote Iskra “What makes you YOU, is that you are imperfectly perfect and no one else can ever be you!”.

With love,

A less angry than last week, Jade Xx


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