Here comes bikini season…

When the dawning realisation hits that you’re going away in 13 days and there is SO much you need to do.

Sort out your holiday insurance, make sure you have enough pairs of clean pants (an item to pack which I feel is not given enough thought) Ladies you know what it’s like, you’ve got to have those awful ‘flesh’ coloured very unsexy undies to go with anything white or light coloured, ones that have no VPL (that’s no ‘visible panty line’ for you men that have no clue!) to wear with those figure hugging bodycon numbers, some fairly attractive looking ones so your partner doesn’t think he’s gone away with a Granny, strapless bras, backless bras, all sorts of colours, shapes and styles, and even a secret pair of those ‘hold you all in’ pants or Spanx as they’re known. WOW… That’s lot of ¬†organising and that’s just the undergarments. Then there is bikini’s, swimsuits, cover-ups/kaftans, flip flops, sunnies, beach bag, beach towel, trilby hat… OMG the list is ennnnndlesssssss.

What I am getting at is that the pre-holiday period is stressful, so I’d like to touch on the one thing that is what this whole ‘self-love’ journey has been about. THE DREADED BIKINI. Now, it is no secret (well one which I am now telling the world through posting this!) that I have been trying on all my new bikini’s at least twice a week since I bought them. It’s the first time I’ve worn this little since becoming a little curvier and I must be honest and say that at first, I totally freaked out. But then sense kicked in and I started to see the bits that I loved and suddenly it didn’t seem that bad.

Our minds are odd you know. I see a picture posted on Instagram by the stunning Iskra Lawrence or Ashley Graham in their bikinis and think “Wow, they look amazing” (which 99% of the time I say out loud by the way!). Yet they are much curvier than I, and I am not ashamed to admit that I envy those curves. That perfect pear shape with the tell-tale big hips and solid thighs. I love the way they fill their clothes, the way their waists look so tiny because of their sizeable chests and hips that give them the ‘hourglass’ figure. I see them and I wonder. “When I step out onto that first sun lounger or beach wearing just my bikini, will I feel how I feel when I see their bodies in theirs?” And THAT is the goal. I feel like if I can go away and feel as carefree and body confident as I hope I will, I will have cracked it…

To quote the beautiful Iskra “EveryBODY is a bikiniBODY, a summerBODY and all the rest of the bodies we are told we must have in order to enjoy ourselves on the beach. I won’t be working out more or eating less to prepare for my holiday – I’m good thanks!”. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH, YOU GO GIRL!!

Watch this space for my post holiday blog to see how I go on…


With love,

Jade Xx


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