The Change

So recently I turned 22, don’t know how that happened this year really has flown by! It was on the evening of my 22nd birthday that I finally realised I’d changed.

I was doing something fairly mundane, about to take a shower when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I smiled because the face looking back at me was my own, one which has been with me my entire life, but has grown and changed with me. It shows every expression, every smile, laugh, tear or fear I have ever experienced. I’m a smiley person so (naturally) I am starting to get crows feet, or I will have by the time I am in late adulthood. My dad is a very smiley person, I love his crows feet – It shows you’ve had a happy life.

I wear my heart on my sleeve as my friends and family know so my eye really are the windows to my soul. I’m an emotional, sensitive soul, but this I take pride in – You will always know where you stand with me. Don’t worry if I cry during an argument, whilst watching a film or if I see someone getting proposed to – That’s normal for me! (worry if I don’t, something is up!)

But yes back to change. At the start of 2017 I set myself goals for the year, just as many of you did. The other day I found those goals I’d written down and at first I got really upset. I realised that I hadn’t completed many of them. But then I stopped myself for getting down about it because I have actually changed and achieved a whole lot in 2017! It may not be what I set out to achieve but actually it’s a whole lot better.

The most important thing to remember in life is that:

“Change is similar to a year. Whilst you’re in the year it seems to pass at a normal rate, until you look back and realise how fast the year has passed. Change is the same. Whilst you’re changing you don’t seem to realise, but when you reflect you truly see how far you’ve come”. 


Embrace the change, welcome it. Who wants to live their life standing still and never moving anywhere?

Much love,

Jade Xx


I’m so pleased to be back!

Tim & I catching some rays!
So many cocktails…
Tim & I on Semi-Formal night. 
Feeling FAB in my bikini on a beach in Gran Canaria!

I don’t want to believe my eyes when I see that I haven’t blogged since June 4th. Yet here I am over 2 months later, PJs on, tea in hand, listening to some good music with some candles burning… I think this is my happy place.

Can I just start by saying, is anyone else freaking out that we’re over half way through August?! Madness right? But that does mean there are some pretty exciting (and important) stuff coming up. 1. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SOON! (August 28th, and we’re all off as it’s a Bank Hols too, yippee!) 2. I have almost been with my other half, Tim for 5 years and we have booked a lovely night away in Somerset for our anniversary at the end of September. 3. My best friend graduates from Uni in November, woohoo go Mary! Proud of you chick. 4. Some big stuff is happening at work, watch this space. 5. (I’m pleased I got to 5, I thought when I started that I would only be able to think of like 2!) Yes so 5. I am on my 4th and final assignment of my course, ‘The Certificate in Wedding & Event Planning’ then I will be able to call myself a Certified Wedding Planner! (Does a little dance of happiness…) 6. There’s a 6. My youngest baby brother Oakley starts school in September and Jacob the other one just turned 6 – No idea how he got so big?? But I am THE proudest big sis to all three because the oldest of the three, Josh starts his apprenticeship with Nature’s Way Foods in September. They’re all doing so well.

Quick recap of my holiday in June. I had a great time, 12 days of great food, wine, cocktails, the best company and great ports of call. And the best part was I felt genuinely great. In my last post I was so nervous about walking around on the deck in just my bikini, but I kept thinking of the stunning figures of Iskra Lawrence & Ashley Graham and that instantly made me feel more comfortable. I wore some stunning dresses, got to dress up EVERY night and has such a great time, all the time not letting a little holiday weight get me down – Because with an all-inclusive 1 night Royal Caribbean cruise you cant NOT put on a little bit!!

The time away gave me space and time to reflect on the months of the year that had already passed and re-focus myself on what is important to me for the rest of year; my achievements, goals and dreams. I am now super-focused and ready to battle the last 3 and a half months of 2017 – wait did I just say that?! OMG this is scaring me… – and end the year as I intended to, to kick ass!!


It’s lovely to be back, hope you’ve all been well. Thanks for reading.

With love,

Jade Xx

Here comes bikini season…

When the dawning realisation hits that you’re going away in 13 days and there is SO much you need to do.

Sort out your holiday insurance, make sure you have enough pairs of clean pants (an item to pack which I feel is not given enough thought) Ladies you know what it’s like, you’ve got to have those awful ‘flesh’ coloured very unsexy undies to go with anything white or light coloured, ones that have no VPL (that’s no ‘visible panty line’ for you men that have no clue!) to wear with those figure hugging bodycon numbers, some fairly attractive looking ones so your partner doesn’t think he’s gone away with a Granny, strapless bras, backless bras, all sorts of colours, shapes and styles, and even a secret pair of those ‘hold you all in’ pants or Spanx as they’re known. WOW… That’s lot of  organising and that’s just the undergarments. Then there is bikini’s, swimsuits, cover-ups/kaftans, flip flops, sunnies, beach bag, beach towel, trilby hat… OMG the list is ennnnndlesssssss.

What I am getting at is that the pre-holiday period is stressful, so I’d like to touch on the one thing that is what this whole ‘self-love’ journey has been about. THE DREADED BIKINI. Now, it is no secret (well one which I am now telling the world through posting this!) that I have been trying on all my new bikini’s at least twice a week since I bought them. It’s the first time I’ve worn this little since becoming a little curvier and I must be honest and say that at first, I totally freaked out. But then sense kicked in and I started to see the bits that I loved and suddenly it didn’t seem that bad.

Our minds are odd you know. I see a picture posted on Instagram by the stunning Iskra Lawrence or Ashley Graham in their bikinis and think “Wow, they look amazing” (which 99% of the time I say out loud by the way!). Yet they are much curvier than I, and I am not ashamed to admit that I envy those curves. That perfect pear shape with the tell-tale big hips and solid thighs. I love the way they fill their clothes, the way their waists look so tiny because of their sizeable chests and hips that give them the ‘hourglass’ figure. I see them and I wonder. “When I step out onto that first sun lounger or beach wearing just my bikini, will I feel how I feel when I see their bodies in theirs?” And THAT is the goal. I feel like if I can go away and feel as carefree and body confident as I hope I will, I will have cracked it…

To quote the beautiful Iskra “EveryBODY is a bikiniBODY, a summerBODY and all the rest of the bodies we are told we must have in order to enjoy ourselves on the beach. I won’t be working out more or eating less to prepare for my holiday – I’m good thanks!”. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH, YOU GO GIRL!!

Watch this space for my post holiday blog to see how I go on…


With love,

Jade Xx

Real Life Story: Last week I almost lost my focus…

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love H&M clothes. Well let me tell you, I AM FURIOUS!! My entire opinion of that shop has dramatically changed. Do you want to know why?? Because I went in looking for a pair of cream slacks (smart/tailored trousers for those not in the know). Now about 3 years ago or so I was a size 6 in their trousers and a 10 in their jeans… Now you tell me how on earth that makes sense?! Anyway, so now I know that in mostly all shops I am a 10 in ‘bottoms’, so that’s jeans, skirts, trousers etc… So. I go into H&M pick up 2 different styles of slacks, both in a 10 because I know the days of being a size 6 are long gone. And you know what I am totally cool with my new curves, women change once they hit 21 so although it came as a shock 6 months ago (trust me there was tears any everything!) I am now 6 months into my ‘self-love’ journey and loving every second of discovery and accepting myself. So back on track… The size 10 slacks WOULDN’T EVEN GO OVER MY KNEES!! (I’m typing in capitals because I’m so annoyed!) It was at this point that I welled up, there was no way I needed a size 12… Then I thought hell no, I am not going to let £20 worth of material determine how I feel about my body because then I’m letting them win. (by ‘them’ I mean society and the fashion designers that think allowing a girl to starve herself to fit into a size 4 or lower pair of trousers just for the sake of bloody fashion, is acceptable). I’m sorry but when did this become ok?

So I looked at myself square in the face in the mirror and (quietly so I didn’t sound like a crazy person) said outloud “No, do not let this get to you. Do not conform to society’s ideals of a woman’s body”. I picked up the trousers and without looking back threw them over the rail and walk out of the shop. Thanks H&M for ruining my long love affair for your clothes. Oh and whilst I’m on a roll, they also do not seem to stock underwear or swimwear for anyone with slightly larger ‘assets’… Stupid shop!

So here’s to the Marylyn Monroe, Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham’s of the world who choose voluptuous feminine curves over being a bag of bones with muscle. You curvy gals rock!! WE HEART YOU and all you stand for!

To quote Iskra “What makes you YOU, is that you are imperfectly perfect and no one else can ever be you!”.

With love,

A less angry than last week, Jade Xx

Little Things, Huge Impact.

This week has been of those up and down weeks.

The start of it wasn’t great, but they I thought ‘hey, it is Monday’. But Tuesday was just as bad. I found myself in a such a stormy, thundery mood. I couldn’t even bring myself to smile, not like me at all! And do you know what the worst part was?! I didn’t even know why!! I went through my head and wrote a list of all the good things; Loving boyfriend, great friends, holiday in a few months, things to look forward to, grateful for the journey that I am on.. and much more. But what I didn’t factor in was work. I was just having one of those weeks where everything was getting on top of me. I think in this day and age we are afraid to say we are struggling through fear of being told that that is what is expected of you and if you can’t man up and deal with it, it’s ‘Cya later!’… So yeah, that’s how my week started.

Wednesday I was like a whole new person, want to know why?? I WAS HAVING THE BEST GOOD HAIR DAY!! And this ladies & gentlemen is where this weeks post came from. It can be the smallest of things, your make up going on really well that morning, your totally unplanned outfit that you threw on last minute looks SUPER AMAZING, you find that Spring lipstick that you forgot you loved and it just makes you smile every time you catch yourself in the mirror. Girls, am I right, or am I right?! Isn’t it funny how something so small, can make such an enormous impact on your mood and how that day goes? Thank you little things, you rock!!

And the best part about these little things is that they usually pop up when you least expect them to, making them even more special. I think we just need to try to take the way we feel when these things happen and bottle them up for our bad days. Because lord knows we have them! I mean hormones, jeeeeeez just go away no one likes you! Hahhaaa

So let’s talk about IMPACT. The dictionary states that ‘impact’ is:

the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.
a marked effect or influence.
I am SO all up for making an impact in my life; be it in my relationship, my friendships & family or at work. I want to leave a lasting stamp on the world, long after I’m gone. I’m still working on what it is that that impact is going to be, watch this space people.
I take huge inspiration from the likes of Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham when in comes to impact on ‘Body Image’.
My inspiration for work and the reason I want to own my own Wedding Styling business one day is all down to my auntie, Kelly Hearn who owns Kelly Hearn Photography. From a young age she was around to help my parents when I was born, being only 13 when I entered the world she was he extra pair of hands that even stayed overnight at our house! Since then she has grown up and through her passion for photography and incredible talent at it, her business was born. I am privileged to be assisting her on many weddings this year, helping me grow my knowledge, add to my CV & LinkedIn and spend some really valued quality time with her.
My boyfriend Tim is also one of the main reasons why I want to succeed so badly and have my business. His own passion, determination and focus inspires me to be the best I can be and pushes me to be more like him. Driven, motivated and sure as hell knowing what he wants. His influence over the past 4 and half years has changed me in more ways than I could’ve imagined. He’s been there through all of my college years, and countless jobs so far, I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next 10+ years with him by my side!!
So find what it is that you love, what excites and expires you and go for it, leave your stamp on the world and make that impact.
I hope this post inspires some of you…
With love,
Jade Xx

Real life story: The ‘dreaded’ gym

I am starting something new whereby every few blogs I will post a Real Life Story. These will be embarrassing, funny, sad, etc… just to show you how real my life is, that I am a real human being, going through some pretty awesome life changes!

There’s me thinking I hadn’t blogged for maybe a week or two… It’s been almost a month! Do you know what is crazy though is that I was starting to feel low again, and had no idea why. My blog actually helps me, it’s like a big comforting blanket or a cup of hot tea, a safety net. A safe place to get out my thoughts feelings and insecurities.

I was trying to work out how long I’ve been on this journey now, it’s been 4 months since I decided to stop giving such a damn about what others thought of me, how much make-up I wore and what I was wearing that day. I must admit I did slip the other day in the gym, I did half an hour of cardio as I was really in the mood and actually enjoyed getting hideously sweaty and puffed out. I got off the bike and went to walk over to the matts to do some sit ups and stuff and when I turned around and froze. The gym was so so packed and I panicked. I could see all the girls wearing barely anything, you know the ones that are barely wearing any clothing or make up and THEY don’t seem to be giving a damn about who stares at them. Then there’s the guys, you know the abnormally big ones that grunt and check themselves out constantly? So where was I? Oh yes, so I started to panic and thought ‘There is no way I can walk through the whole gym, in front of all these people, past the beauty queens and grunters to get to the mats and fit balls’… The old me would’ve just left the gym and let them win. Then I remembered that I swore to myself I wouldn’t care anymore, because 95% of the time these strangers are so obsessed with themselves they’re not actually looking at you at all, ironically they’re looking at themselves! I’ve become OBSESSED with Country music lately (blame my best friend & my Dad for that!) So I turned it up louder in my headphones and walked on over there and picked up the medicine ball and went back to the mats. Funnily enough I had one of the best gym sessions I’ve had in a long time, so the moral of the story is:

‘Don’t forget where you’re going, or how far you’ve come’.


With love,

Jade Xx

This Self-love, love.

something I try to practice everyday: I was stuck on what to post about this week, but then I found a quote I’d written down in my phone at the beginning of the month and I thought YES! That’s it!

 “Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself”.

Today’s post is a short one (unusual for me I know!).

It was just a reminder to spend time with people that are going to lift you up, not bring you down. I have found out the hard way in life whereby I have spent far too much of my time with people who just want to drag you down, who when they’re having a bad day – even if you’ve had a fantastic one – they can’t stand for you to be happier than them. So they drag you down, so that you’re in just as bad a mood as they are in. Let me tell you over time this really grates on a person. They also love to point out the bits that you already know you dislike about your body or yourself. But don’t them get to you, stay strong and like me, remember the journey you’re on with yourself to being someone who looks in the mirror everyday and loves who they are. Your faults, flaws and jiggly bits. Turned in knees, narrow hips and far from perfect teeth.

After all, we only get one body in this lifetime, be lucky that you’ve been fortunate enough to have been granted one as beautiful, strong and perfectly imperfect. It will travel with you your whole life through, through your highs and lows, good days, bad days and the best days of your life.

So remember, Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself

With love,

Jade Xx


Do it for YOU!


I was tempted into writing it by my subconscious as I thought about all the women who would be buying new lingerie sets (probably red!) for their husbands, boyfriends, partners ect… last week.  And I thought no girls, we don’t have to wait for an occasion such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries to wear the nice stuff; Everyday is special. Make the effort to match up your undies (and socks!!), wear that new lipstick, those new heels you’ve been ‘saving’ for a girls night out. And do you know what…? Wear them for YOU. Not him. I know, I know they like to see you in something a little bit ‘saucy’, but trust me dressing for you is equally important for your satisfaction than it is for his. It makes us feel empowered, strong, sexy. Who doesn’t want a king sized dollop of that every day?? I know I do!!

Everyday is special. 

The best trick in the book is to wear that new underwear set (you know which one I mean) and then when you leave the house keep thinking about it and watch as a huge smile plasters its self on your face. You won’t be able to stop yourself grinning because no one else can see it, unless they have x-ray vision which is highly unlikely – my point is that you know exactly how fabulous you really look and why you’re smiling, but no one else does. It gives you such a great buzz!

This theme of ’empowerment’ is something I want to keep a key focus throughout my blog. I recently went to see Hidden Figures at the cinema. If you haven’t heard about it, it features 3 brilliant black actresses playing the parts of 3 woman who worked at NASA during the 1960’s. A budding Computer, an aspiring Engineer and a women who was regarded as one of the most brilliant minds at NASA. These women were discriminated against because they were not only black, but also because of their gender. Until seeing it I had no real idea of how badly black people were treated back then, and as shocked at what I saw. Not only this, but these woman were unbelievably intelligent and charismatic, and weren’t even given the time of day for jobs which they were above and beyond qualified for. The theme of equally, empowerment, women’s rights and discrimination are hugely prominent throughout, but as a woman I left the cinema feeling elated, like even I could work as Computer at NASA!

I may not have the most intelligent mind, but what I do have I will use to continue to chase my dreams to become a strong, independent businesswoman and hopefully own my own business as a Wedding Stylist. I will not let anyone tell me that I cant, or try to knock me down and I will do it for myself, after all who else are we really trying to impress but ourselves?


With love,

Jade Xx

A problem shared is a problem halved…

As I sit drinking a cup of tea (you know what I’m like!), listening to the La La Land soundtrack, at home in a big cosy jumper avoiding the cold, I am completely content. But that’s because I’m not doing anything where anyone can see me. This is by far the blog I am most dreading writing but I figured a problem shared, is a problem halved. Once the world knows my body insecurities… what have I got to be insecure about??

Society says we have to look a certain way and if you don’t then you’re not considered beautiful. Screw that, let’s break the cycle!

So here goes…. eeeek… I’m nervous!

From head to toe, there are flaws, imperfections and areas for improvement. Firstly I’m pretty sure one of my eyes are lower than the other? Or so my driving license shows! My teeth are a massive problem for me because I am naturally a smiley person and LOVE smiling but my teeth are nowhere near perfect. When I was 6 the dentist noticed my mouth was getting overcrowded with so told me if they didn’t sort themselves out in 2 years he would remove some. 2 years went by and no improvement, so as promised he yanked them out, also promising eventually they would straighten out… which shocker, they didn’t! They’re not awful, believe me they could be much worse but oh well. My Grandma told me (after a discussion where by when I told her I wanted to have my teeth done one day) she told me not to because she thought teeth showed character and unique-ness. So I have decided to learn to love them!

I have fairly broad shoulders for my petite frame from all the swimming I used to do. Although there are abs under there somewhere from all my years of gymnastics, my stomach is far from flat. I actually took to naming my little ‘pooch’ bit where woman tend to put on their weight, ‘Betty the belly’. Instead of letting it upset me I made it into something funny, come to think of it she’s gone away for a while but I’m sure she’ll be back soon… I love my milk chocolate digestives too much! Oh and I have rolls when I sit down… take that Victoria’s Secret models!

I have very narrow hips so instead of the usual womanly figure of a pear or hour-glass shape, I go straight down from under the arms to my knees. One thing which I hate! I would actually love to be a little bit more hippy, the bones I mean not like “Peace man” or all Bohemian!

MY KNEES.. argh! They turn in!! I’m sure they haven’t been like this forever, I don’t remember them being like this as a child? It drives me INSANE. So paired with the narrow hips and dodgy looking knees, my average-sized thighs touch and give the illusion that they are larger than they really are. This is, (you ask my boyfriend Tim & best friend Mary!) my worst body hang up. I have squatted, lunged and leg pressed for years trying to rectify them, and have come to the conclusion that they are stubborn and are staying this way! and you know what? I really couldn’t care less anymore, I’ve learnt to dress for my body, not wearing short dresses that will show them off or emphasise them.

I have those lovely things they call stretch marks. I have them in several places but I saw an article about stretch marks being beautiful yesterday and it totally hit home about that being true. Here is the article that tells you why.

And that’s it. BUT, a big BUT… there are things I love!

I love:

  • My hair. I am blessed with thick, long, strong hair.
  • My eyelashes that everyone is envious of
  • My tiny waist
  • (dare I say it!) My derriere
  • My eyes, big, round and hazel
  • A proportionate pair of bosoms (haha I have never referred to them as that before!)

So, as you can see there is more that I dislike than love but that’s the point of my whole journey of self-love discovery. I feel like through sharing my body hang ups there is nothing left to hide, so when I step out on the deck of the cruise I am going on in the summer I will feel amazing knowing that I have shared this with the world. Something I do a few times a week is look at myself in the mirror before getting dressed and point out all the things I love about my body, and it really works. Try it for yourself and you’ll start to love all the bits that jiggle, wobble and roll!

Like Iskra Lawrence says #everyBODYisbeautiful.

A song by Baz Luhrmann called ‘Wear Sunscreen‘ that I listen to when I’m having a down day says the line:

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can
Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it
It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own”. I LOVE THIS! 

Thank you for reading. If you’re feeling brave leave me a comment and tell me your body hang ups, trust me a problem shared is a problem halved!

Jade Xx